Good question.
To put it simply - we love creating software, and we care.

We love all things software - integrating with APIs, designing features, all things gaming and gamification, capturing data, and identifying potential through technology. If you want to create an online marketing activation for your brand, build a digital platform where you can build your own audience, or a way to capture in-depth data and build engagement, just flick us an email and let's chat. 

We like to work a bit differently. We aren't here to just churn out work for the sake of it, we want to help you succeed. When we aren't working on a project we are busy coding and creating projects of our own. Our clever crew is always looking at how we can add value and make your job that little bit easier.


Not sure where to start? We are always happy to chat.


What can we do for you?


  • Consulting - project or ongoing basis

  • Review current operations and provide digital solutions to expand or future proof your business

  • Bring your app idea to life

  • Build a digital platform for your business

  • Plan and build a new software feature

  • Develop a new software product 

  • API Integrations - Integrate with a software product or game

  • Plug & Play team - If you have an idea or project in mind, avoid the cost and time involved in scaling your team in the early stages, Deploi is a plug and play team that get your project off the ground efficiently.


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